Technology Review: Post-Combustion Partial Carbon Dioxide Capture for Fossil Fuel Power Plants

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) has been studied as a means of reducing CO2 emissions, but most analysis has focused on technologies that remove 90+% of CO2 from post-combustion flue gas streams. Recent developments in CO2 regulation that could be complied with through partial capture from coal plants and opportunities for capture that rely on the lowest cost per ton of CO2 captured have raised the profile of partial CO2 capture opportunities and opened the door to funding from governmental sources.

EPRI has collaborated with R&D funders and process developers to identify opportunities for cost reductions in CO2 capture systems for coal and natural gas units, relative to 90% capture designs. Fundamental gas separation process analyses, value engineering studies, and ongoing discussions with CO2 capture technology developers are key to this effort.

This report contains the results of fundamental thermodynamic analyses to identify routes to cost reduction for CCS deployed at <90% capture rates. It also includes results and insights from interviews with 14 process and technology developers on whether their technologies would be able to realize cost savings at lower capture rates. For each technology, the modifications that would be required to optimize performance at lower capture rates are discussed.

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