Engineering-Economic Evaluations of Advanced Fossil Fuel Power Plants with Carbon Capture and Storage

This 2018 update to an annual report series on recent engineering and economic studies by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and others provides an overview of the expected costs and performance for new and retrofit fossil fuel power plants with carbon capture and storage (CCS). Power plant types covered in the report include pulverized coal, fluidized-bed combustion, oxy-combustion, integrated gasification combined cycle, and natural gas combined cycle. The report surveys publicly reported technical, cost, and status information for fossil fuel power plants in the United States and elsewhere and reviews the status of carbon dioxide (CO2) capture technology. Context for cost estimates and technology evaluations is provided through discussion of pilot and demonstration project status, novel power cycle developments, regulatory and energy policy updates, carbon emissions trading market news, and construction cost trends.

This report is intended for a variety of users, including engineers, managers, generation planners, and regulatory affairs personnel responsible for initiating or monitoring the development of advanced fossil power plant and CCS technologies; researchers conducting and reporting results from engineering-economic studies of power plants without and with CCS; and engineering-procurement-construction contractors and equipment suppliers involved in the development of advanced coal-based power plants. This report aims to facilitate decision making in future projects to advance the timely deployment of reliable, next-generation units with reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

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