Enel Global Thermal Generation Uses Creep-FatiguePro™ to Monitor Boiler Life

The international utility Enel employed EPRI’s Creep-FatiguePro™ (CFPro) software to monitor accumulation of creep and fatigue damage at several locations in its coal-fired As Pontes Power Station in Galicia, Spain. The software helped the utility to track the level of damage occurring, to understand the direct effects on the plant of operational changes, and to plan remedial actions.

“The main innovation of this project was to determine and apply a new and unconventional methodology to a known problem. The demonstration carried out with EPRI at As Pontes with CFPro, allowed us to improve our technical knowledge and insight on flexible operation related issues, putting the basis for the extension of the tool implementation to other coal and gas plants of Enel’s fleet.”

~ Nicola Rossi
Head of Generation Technologies and IoT
Innovation – Global Thermal Generation

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