Continuous Online Monitoring Guidebook: Volumes 1-8

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) is deeply engaged in supporting industry programs to reduce operations and maintenance costs and to increase reliability. Continuous online monitoring (COLM) can provide much greater warning time for equipment failures than standard techniques, potentially averting major system failures. EPRI has embarked on the development of a comprehensive guidebook for the planning and implementation of a COLM program. The result is a multi-volume resource that stakeholders can use to maximize the benefits they obtain from new sensors, communication systems, and analytical tools.

  • Volume 1 is a general introduction to COLM, addressing both traditional COLM programs, where existing sensor data is exploited, and advanced COLM programs, where the system is augmented with new sensors and analytics.
  • Volume 2 focuses on the business case for a COLM investment, including methods for calculating benefits rigorously, lessons learned from deployments, and techniques for communicating with stakeholders.
  • Volume 3 describes how to create a comprehensive implementation plan, including an effective change management plan.
  • Volume 4 captures recommended practices for establishing, deploying, and sustaining an effective monitoring and diagnostic (M&D) center.
  • Volume 5 focuses on scoping and strategies for new sensors, signal conditioning, and data communication networks.
  • Volume 7 presents a set of equipment-specific quick guides, forming a substantial information resource for utilities performing scoping studies for COLM implementation.

Two further volumes are under development.

  • Volume 6 will provide the latest information on advanced diagnostics and prognostics.
  • Volume 8 will address data visualization for system and component condition information.

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