Outage Plan and Technical Support Manual for Alstom GT 24/26 Gas Turbines

GT 24/26 overhaul facility

The Alstom GT26/24 F-class gas turbine (GT) is a unique design incorporating a high 30:1 pressure-ratio compressor, primary and secondary low-emissions annular combustors, and high- and low-pressure turbine sections. The GT24/26 has about 40% more parts than other comparable F-class turbines. Furthermore, advanced single-crystal superalloy materials are extensively used in the hot section.

These unique features, combined with a relatively small fleet size, have confronted GT26/24 owners with high O&M lifecycle costs and dependence on a single-source supply. However, significant progress has been achieved in reducing the life-cycle costs for other F-class turbines through technical advancements and alternative qualified sourcing for overhaul, repair, life extension, and replacement of high value parts and related shop/field procedures.

To address industry’s need for better understanding of the Alstom GT24/26 design of gas turbines from an overhaul and component inspection perspective, EPRI has developed a collaborative research project to provide key learning outcomes focused on enabling machine owners and operators to be better informed when it comes to outage and overhaul planning, execution, completion and machine return to service.

  • Develop options to support asset self-management
  • Facilitate more knowledgeable interface with gas turbine manufacturer and overhaul services
  • Provide information and guidance to better facilitate requests for tender and procurement processes 

The GT24/26 outage planning and technical support manual is proposed to be structured around A-, B- and C-type inspections involving progressively more pre-outage planning, engine field disassembly and reassembly, and unit commissioning. The aim is for the manual to address the plant outage strategy and how this strategy is actually implemented.

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