Hydroelectric Monitoring for Condition-Based Maintenance

The objective of the proposed effort is to demonstrate monitoring techniques that support a comprehensive condition-based maintenance approach for hydroelectric units. The focus will be on high-value monitoring that provides the largest expected gains in asset reliability and availability.

  • Early detection of faults and degradation
  • Greater insights into operational impacts on equipment
  • Data and information to support maintenance planning
  • Improved reliability through condition-based maintenance approaches

This project will conduct a performance baseline assessment at selected host sites to assess current CBM practices, installed monitoring equipment and sensors, and the estimated accuracy and effectiveness of the data being collected. The project also will outline commercially available and emerging sensors that could support a comprehensive CBM approach. Input from Failure Modes Effects Analysis (FMEA, an EPRI Program 193 — Renewable Generation base project) and other EPRI monitoring and diagnostic technologies (from EPRI Program 69 — Maintenance Management and Technology) will be used to refine a monitoring approach. Laboratory evaluation of selected sensors may be performed to validate sensor performance prior to and in support of field demonstrations.

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